Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer after Cryopreservation

Once a woman is ready to proceed with frozen embryo transfer, her physician will give her estrogen pills and progesterone in order to prepare her uterine lining for pregnancy. On a very specific day – that depends on the cell stage at which her embryos were frozen – her embryos are thawed at our Austin IVF lab. Embryos are then assessed closely to make sure that they survived both the freezing and thawing processes intact. Surviving embryos are placed into culture media and incubated until transfer. This incubation period allows the embryo to complete its recovery and begin to resume its metabolism.

The patient will then arrive for her transfer, complete patient intake with the St. David’s Nurses, and an Embryologist will come and speak with the patient regarding the thawed embryo(s) and their progress. The transfer will then proceed once the physician has arrived and checked in with the patient.


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