Embryo Microscope

Ovation Fertility Austin Receives First New Generation Embryo Microscope in the U.S.

The embryo microscope now in use at our Austin IVF lab is a new tool developed for use in the IVF laboratory. It is a camera and computer system that is designed to capture images of embryos, used in in vitro fertilization cycles, as they grow in the incubator.

These images, taken by the camera as the embryos develop in their culture dish, are displayed on a computer screen in the IVF lab. The computer system not only provides the images of embryos, but also information about their pattern of growth. This information allows embryologists at Ovation Fertility Austin to observe healthy development in embryos and to detect any problems in the timing of cell division that might occur during the early stages of growth.

The Embyo Microscope System Allows Ovation Fertility Austin and our partner Reproductive Endocrinologists to Safely Observe Embryo Growth

The added benefit of the new microscope system is that it allows all of these observations to be made without removing the embryos from their incubator. This allows the embryos to remain in a controlled environment where they tend to grow faster.

The microscope has been placed in our Austin IVF lab as a research tool. We hope that, by using this system to observe embryos, we will find information that will allow us to better choose the healthiest embryos to transfer to our patients. The valuable information gained from this technology may also help us to choose the healthiest embryos for patients whose embryos are not grown in this new microscope system.

Our Austin Fertility Center is privileged to be the first IVF laboratory in the United States to use this system. Although there are a few similar systems in other labs around the country, this represents a newer and more effective method of making these very important early observations in human embryo growth. We are participating in this study because we feel that it represents a cutting-edge technology which will ultimately help our patients better achieve their goal of having a family.