Ovation Fertility Austin Center

A Foundation of Excellence for 30 Years

Ovation Austin Fertility – a foundation of excellence

Ovation Fertility Austin serves the Central Texas medical community and fertility patients as a highly specialized, credentialed laboratory.

DSC_4999In 2006, embryologists,  physicians and scientists consulted with architects to design, from the ground up, the optimal environment for embryonic development and research.

These efforts resulted in a CAP- and CLIA-certified facility that minimizes or eliminates environmental impact to the embryo. The Austin-based facility earns a reputation as one of the top fertility labs in the country, strictly adhering to standards set by multiple local, state and federal governing boards.

Ovation Fertility Austin was designed and is maintained to meticulously control air quality, light and temperature. We positioned our stand-alone Austin IVF lab just steps away from the procedure room to minimize travel between collection point and incubator.

Comprehensive IVF Laboratory Services

From Austin to San Antonio and South Texas, REs, RNs, OB/GYNs and urologists rely on Ovation Fertility Austin for comprehensive fertility diagnostic services that focus on routine and specialized testing in the areas of Embryology and Andrology.

Embryologists Safeguard Life from the Start

A highly trained Austin IVF laboratory staff led by Dr. Matthew (Tex) VerMilyea, a board certified High Complexity Laboratory Director, dedicates itself to quickly and conclusively supplying referring physicians answers to help diagnose and treat male and female infertility and protect and restore reproductive health.

Year after year, ongoing clinical research, proactive diagnostic testing and advanced fertility therapies with Ovation Fertility Austin result in a nationally recognized IVF success rate and reputation as the Southwest’s premier fertility laboratory.

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IVF egg retrieval and fertilization

Genetic testing

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Laser assisted hatching