Male Fertility Options for Central Texas

Andrology – Male Fertility services with Ovation Fertility Austin

When male reproductive or urological problems interfere with natural fertility, health or quality of life, Ovation Fertility Austin’s andrology laboratory services can be a game changer. Our andrology services support Central Texas and Austin IVF cycles, as well as other types of fertility  treatment and diagnosis related to male factor infertility.

Andrology focuses on male-specific health issues that cause male factor infertility.

Our highly trained andrologists employ advanced techniques for semen analysis and sperm preparation in order to overcome many male fertility barriers.

For Austin and San Antonio-area patients requiring semen analysis, Ovation Fertility Austin will collaborate with treating physicians.  We can also test for anti-sperm antibodies, a cause of immunologic infertility, if necessary.


Severe Male Factor Infertility

In cases of severe male factor infertility, where there are no motile sperm, our staff can perform vital stain testing to identify sperm that are alive but not swimming.    We can then isolate sperm determined to be alive, but non-motile, for use in assisted reproductive technologies such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).  Using these techniques, we are able to achieve fertilization and pregnancies – even in the most severely affected patients.

Male Fertility Preservation

Patients wishing to preserve fertility may opt for sperm freezing and sperm storage. Ovation Fertility Austin maximizes pregnancy success rates for patients pursuing treatment with either in-vitro fertilization – IVF or intrauterine insemination- IUI.

Ovation Fertility Austin’s andrology services play a vital role in achieving outstanding IVF success rates for Austin IVF and Central Texas fertility specialists.  For both IVF and IUI, sperm preparation is precisely controlled and expertly performed. The andrologists at Ovation Fertility Austin specialize in the latest techniques for sperm washing, and complex preparation – whether the sperm will be used for IUI, IVF, or ICSI.

OBGYNs and Reproductive Endocrinologists from Austin to San Antonio rely on Ovation Fertility Austin for accurate, state of the art andrology laboratory services to treat and diagnose male infertility. Contact us about Austin IVF and other therapeutic procedures that can improve your odds for achieving pregnancy.