Instructions for Ovation Fertility Austin Embryology

Embryology Laboratory

Trust Ovation Fertility Austin to perform your egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer with the utmost in professionalism and careful attention to detail. Meticulous record keeping and specific tracking protocols at our Austin IVF laboratory ensure that embryos, eggs and sperm have no significant chance of misidentification.

Your referring physician will provide detailed written instructions and an in-depth consultation before your procedure, but Ovation Fertility Austin can answer any additional questions when you arrive.

What you can expect at an Ovation Fertility Austin egg retrieval and/or embryo transfer

  • Our Austin IVF lab’s highly trained staff provides the highest level of care, treating you with respect and discretion. St. David’s board certified anesthesiologists and registered nurses work with Ovation Fertility Austin embryologists to ensure you receive top-notch care.
  • Ovation Fertility Austin designed its lab from foundation to ceiling to nurture and protect new life. The retrieval room sits steps away from incubators and world-class embryologists. Strategically located collection rooms ensure privacy.
  • Per state requirements, your doctor will order and Ovation Fertility Austin will administer infectious disease screening tests prior to every IVF or IUI procedure.

When you schedule egg retrieval and embryo transfer for IVF, timing is everything. Ovation Fertility Austin works closely with your physician to maximize your chances for success.