Getting Started with Ovation Fertility Austin

Couples who undergo IVF in the Central Texas area will likely have their egg retrieval at St. David’s Surgical Fertility Center, located adjacent to Ovation Fertility Austin.

As the female partner begins taking the medication which will develop the follicles in her ovaries, she will go to her physician’s office for an ultrasound scan of her follicles. She will also have her blood drawn at one of the local laboratories in order to track the progression of the rise in her estrogen levels. These two values will be sent to Ovation Fertility Austin by the physician’s office  in order to alert the administrative staff and the embryologists of the upcoming retrievals. When the follicles have matured and the estrogen has increased to a level where the physician feels that it is time for an egg retrieval, the nurses will send a physician’s order to Ovation Fertility Austin confirming the day and the time that the egg retrieval will take place.

The male partner and the female partner must, by law, undergo a series of infectious disease tests in order for the female partner to be permitted to begin her follicle stimulation process.

There are also important consents for treatment to sign before the embryologists at our Austin IVF laboratory can perform any procedures on the patient’s eggs or sperm. Again, both partners of the couple must complete these forms prior to the start of the ovarian stimulation.