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Instructions for Sperm Specimen Collection

  • Please call our Austin IVF and andrology laboratory at (512) 610-7474 to schedule your appointment. Without an appointment, specimens will not be tested.
  • Specimens maybe collected at home or at our Mopac and Round Rock locations. For our Davis Lane location, specimens will need to be collected at home and brought in for testing. For home collection, specimens must be collected in a sterile container, which can be provided by Ovation.
  • It is recommended that you have an ejaculation 2-5 days prior to your visit.
  • The specimen must be provided by masturbation only.
  • Use only lubricant provided by Ovation or your physician (no saliva or other lubricant).
  • The specimen container must be appropriately labeled using the label provided by OVATION.
  • If you are not collecting at Ovation, please make sure to keep the specimen container at room temperature for transportation to Ovation.
  • The specimen must be delivered to our Austin IVF and andrology lab within one hour after collection.
  • A valid photo ID is required. Specimen accepted only from patient or partner.

Please download and complete the entire New Patient Information Packet

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To inquire about pricing, please contact us or call (512) 610-7474.


Wanting short-term and long-term storage of reproductive specimens? Ovation Fertility Storage Solutions has an option for you. Please contact our Cryo Coordinator at 512-610-7440 for additional information.