Patient Instructions – Andrology

Ovation Fertility Austin provides specialized laboratory testing to diagnose and treat male infertility.

Your treating physician will give you specific instructions, or orders, for the fertility laboratory. Once you have been given the appropriate paperwork, please contact Ovation Fertility Austin to set up an appointment.

The most common test performed at Ovation Fertility Austin is the semen analysis.  As part of this process, our Austin IVF lab team will evaluate volume (2-5 millimeters is the norm); sperm concentration (20 million per milliliter of semen or more); motility (50% or greater should show movement); and morphology (fewer than 30% of collected sperm should have head or tail defects).

Ovation Fertility Austin also offers a variety of other tests, including anti-sperm antibody testing, as well as sperm freezing and sperm preparation for procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

What men can expect at Ovation Fertility Austin

  • Rest assured that our skilled clinicians and andrologists will provide the highest level of care, treating you with respect and discretion with special attention paid to your comfort and privacy.
  • Operating under strict local, state and federal guidelines, Ovation Fertility Austin conducts each test with precision and accuracy.
  • Our Austin IVF lab will provide detailed instructions for collecting a lab-ready semen sample. If you bring a sample from home, it is important that you use the container provided, clearly label the sample with all required information, and return it within one hour of specimen collection. A photo ID is required when all specimens are dropped-off.
  • Your doctor will order infectious disease screening tests prior to every IVF or IUI procedure or whenever required by federal guidelines.