Referral to Ovation Fertility Austin

Couples who see an Austin Fertility Specialist, OBGYN or Urologist for a fertility evaluation need a semen analysis.

Ovation Fertility Austin is the next step in the semen analysis process.

The couple will be given a form at the fertility specialist’s office  titled “Collection Instructions for Semen Analysis.”  This form should be thoroughly read and filled out completely before the semen sample is collected.

If the couple’s next step is to undergo a medical procedure, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF), the collection of a semen sample will be necessary.  An infectious disease test will have to be done at one of the local diagnostic labs and the results of the screening tests will have to be at the couples fertility doctor’s office before the procedure can be performed.

If a couple is referred to Ovation Fertility Austin for a semen analysis by an outside physician, a Physician’s Orders form will have to be brought by the patient or faxed by the referring physician to Ovation Fertility Austin from that physician’s office.  The form must be filled out and signed by the physician before Ovation Fertility Austin can perform any diagnostic test.