Embryology Lab Equipment

Petri Dishes

Petri dishes of various sizes are used in our Austin IVF laboratory for different stages of development and the various procedures that must be performed on the embryos. These dishes and all of the plastic and glass disposables that touch embryos or their media must all pass testing which identifies the presence of toxic contaminants on them.


Our Austin IVF lab’s incubators are state of the art FDA approved growth chambers that allow us to regulate the amount of gas content, both carbon dioxide and oxygen, that is important for embryos to develop to blastocysts at the fastest possible rate. The control of the medical grade gases to the incubators is regulated to the tenth of a percent and the accuracy of the gas levels is checked each morning with a state of the art meter that is itself checked. In addition, the pH of media within the incubators is checked to confirm that the level of gas within the incubators is having the desired effect on the media in which the embryos are growing.