Austin IVF – Ovation Fertility pioneered early IVF lab advances and continues to lead the way

Ovation® Fertility Austin serves as the premier source for embryology and andrology laboratory services in Central Texas. Our Austin IVF lab was established when in vitro fertilization was first introduced in this country. Its founder and lab director at the time are credited with one of the first GIFT procedures to take place in the U.S.

Over the past two decades, the foundational and advanced reproductive technologies (ART) performed and perfected at Ovation Fertility Austin include:

  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, ICSI
  • Trophectoderm biopsy
  • Time-lapse embryo monitoring and assessment
  •  Vitrification of eggs, sperm and embryos

The people of Ovation Fertility Austin are key to its model for success. Having access to the leading scientists in the country, positioning them to share research and best practice approaches, enables us to advance the field of reproductive medicine for potential parents today and for the next generation.

About the Ovation Fertility Austin lab director and scientists

The leadership team at Ovation Fertility Austin has influenced the way IVF is practiced in this country. Each of our accomplished andrologists and embryologists enables us to maintain our high standards.

Leading our Austin IVF lab team, Tex VerMilyea, PhD, HCLD, brings a global perspective to each ART procedure we conduct. After completing his undergraduate studies at Cornell University, Dr. VerMilyea earned a PhD in genetics from The University of Birmingham, School of Medicine, Institute of Biomedical Research, Birmingham, UK. He is a high complexity lab director sought after for his expertise. He served at leading fertility centers in the U.S. and New Zealand before joining Ovation Fertility Austin.

A laser focus on achieving successful pregnancies for patients

At Ovation Fertility Austin, we specialize in comprehensive fertility diagnostic services for female infertility, male infertility, third party reproduction and genetic screening. The goal of every embryologist, andrologist and laboratory professional is to position reproductive endocrinologists to flawlessly conduct a treatment cycle.

Our commitment to raising standards above the industry norm is evidenced by our hiring practices, regulatory track record and state-of-the-art facilities and lab equipment.

In our CAP and CLIA certified facility, expect to find new-to-market equipment such as cutting edge embryo microscopes for observing cellular development in the earliest and most fragile growth stages.

From Austin, Texas, Ovation Fertility serves the U.S. and abroad

We proudly support patients seeking Austin IVF services, but the fertility-focused laboratory services at Ovation Fertility Austin are accessible to men and women beyond Central Texas. Men and women frequently travel to the U.S. for fertility treatment that we expertly provide.

For more than 20 years, our Austin IVF lab has delivered excellence and has established itself as one of the country’s largest and most successful laboratories serving reproductive endocrinologists and fertility centers. Please contact us to connect with the Ovation Fertility team of embryologists and andrologists.

See Inside Ovation Fertility Austin

Ovation Fertility Austin Featured Video

Watch the Day 5 Embro Biopsy Procedure - Trophectoderm Biopsy

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