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Who Needs Genetic Testing

Who Needs Genetics Testing? Casting a wider net: preconception testing now for all ethnicities.

Next generation genetic sequencing makes it possible to quickly, cost-effectively and accurately screen for a wide array of disorders. For this reason and because we live in a global society, recommendations for preconception testing have evolved to include all people, regardless of race or ethnicity. In the past, genetic counselors and fertility specialists discussed the screening test with at-risk populations, including:

  • Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews
  • African Americans
  • Caucasians
  • People with Mediterranean ancestors
  • People with Southeast Asian ancestors

What to expect with preconception testing

Preconception testing involves only a simple blood test. Whereas in the past, genetic screening labs recommend testing of only one partner in a couple, now with so many mixed ethnicities and the increased sensitivity and accuracy of testing, we routinely test each partner.

If you do test positive for inheritable genetic disease.

Advanced reproductive technology provides couples with options to prevent the possibility of passing along life-threatening genetic disease such as cystic fibrosis, fragile X, sickle cell and Tay-Sachs. If embryo biopsy, performed at Ovation Fertility Austin as part of an IVF cycle, confirms the presence of defective genes, your fertility specialist will transfer only unaffected embryos so that you have the best chance for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. Our Austin IVF lab will help select the best embryo available to transfer.

Read more about preimplantation genetic testing here. This IVF lab test is performed either on Day 3 or Day 5-7 of embryo development.


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