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Director Reports that 2014 Was “Most Successful in IVF Lab’s History”

Ovation Fertility Austin - News Austin, Texas – Dec. 31, 2014 – Ovation Fertility Austin is pleased to report that 2014 was the most successful year in its history. A huge increase in patient referrals lead to a record year in terms of the number of IVF cycles performed, while the incorporation of new laboratory techniques lead to a the highest pregnancy rates ever reported by Austin’s largest and most experienced IVF Program. These factors have combined to now make Ovation Fertility Austin one of the largest programs in the U.S. Ovation Fertility Austin is a fully accredited laboratory offering comprehensive fertility diagnostic services to physicians and patients in Central Texas for more than 20 years.

“Ovation Fertility Austin is pleased to report that 2014 was our most successful year in history – both in terms of the number of cycles that we performed, and in our cycle outcomes. Most importantly, our pregnancy rates have also increased dramatically,” Laboratory Director Tom Turner said. In addition to the increase in the number of patients served, the CAP- and CLIA-certified facility incorporated new protocols such as freeze-all IVF into its practice.

The advanced reproductive technologies employed at the Ovation Fertility Austin lab include specialized female and male fertility services such as:

Demand Grows for Day 5 Transfers and Embryo Freezing

Ovation Fertility Austin now performs almost exclusively Day 5 embryo transfers (at the blastocyst stage of development) for those patients who request or need a fresh embryo transfer. This advanced IVF lab technique allows the embryo to mature as far as it can outside the human body, again allowing embryologists and physicians an enhanced ability to select the best single embryo for transfer into the patient’s uterus. This technology also significantly enhances pregnancy and delivery rates, while reducing the risk of miscarriage.

In addition to Day 5 blastocyst transfers, 2014 trends contributing to greater IVF success rates include cryopreservation services, including a progressive method referred to as freeze-all IVF.

A safer, fast-freezing method called vitrification paves the way for freeze-all IVF and frozen embryo transfers (FET). Freezing all embryos at the blastocyst stage allows time for the mother’s uterus to return to a more natural state prior to the embryo transfer.

“The freeze-all IVF protocol has emerged as a breakthrough trend in reproductive medicine in 2014,” Turner said. “This improved process also enables us to transfer fewer embryos to reduce the risk of multiples in pregnancies.”

Ovation Fertility Austin Emerges as One of the Largest Programs in the U.S.

The success of these evolving trends in reproductive medicine and newer IVF protocols is dependent on the IVF lab environment and the skill of the embryologist and andrologist performing the service. Ovation Fertility Austin has proven itself as one of the nation’s largest and most consistently successful IVF labs.

“The significant scientific advances that Ovation Fertility Austin has recently incorporated into its program led to improved pregnancy rates for our patients last year,” added Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, a reproductive endocrinologist (RE) and medical director of Ovation Fertility Austin and Texas Fertility Center. TFC is the largest group of Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists that uses the services of Ovation Fertility Austin.

About Ovation Fertility Austin

Ovation Fertility Austin serves the Central Texas medical community and fertility patients as a highly specialized, credentialed laboratory. REs, RNs, OB/GYNs and urologists rely on Ovation Fertility Austin for comprehensive fertility diagnostic services that focus on routine and specialized testing in the areas of Embryology and Andrology. www.austinivf.com

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